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Ian Johnson, head honcho, passionate music fan, and avid entreprenuer has always marched to his own drum beat. The genesis of Ian's career as a professional mobile DJ began in 2009 when a friend asked him to DJ a wedding reception.  After shaking off the initial nervous reaction of playing in front of nearly 300 guests, Ian got to work and before everyone knew it, they were part of an incredibly lively and fun dance party. Once word got out, the bookings came in.  Now, a few years down the road, Ian finds himself looking at a burgeoning business with a great track record and resume.


2018 will be a huge year for the company as Indigo begins to ready their list of partner DJs in light of growing demand. A strong indicator of such bright prospects is our flawless 100% satisfaction rate which is still chugging right along. 


Regardless of what year it is or how far technology has come, the art of DJing really boils down to two things: One, a good DJ knows when to play the right record... you know, that one that makes people lose themselves. Two, a good DJ always finds a way to establish a connection with the crowd.  By putting these two principals at the top of the priority list, IDJs has never come up short at any event.


We all know there's a lot more to pulling off a successful wedding reception, private party or special event than simply playing a few good tunes at the right time though.  Loads of planning is required; and that's not all: The task of getting the right people to join that planning team is a real challenge.  Due to our years of experience, we can offer personal advice and we can point you in the right direction as you start looking for your venue, photographer/videographer, florist, banquet/catering crew, decor team, live vocalists and musicians and minister. Please have a look at our list of referrals & recommendations to the left. 


If you are interested in partnering with IDJs, we're always looking for reliable and reputable professionals or students of the business.


CUSTOMERS: To get started, simply email us your name and date/location of the party.  Once received on our end, we will reach out to set up our first consult meeting with you - totally free of charge!


Please submit your booking inquiries and any other requests or questions to the Contact Form or Let's get the party started! 



Text/Call: 720.416.4169



It’s all about the music- and you of course!  It's important not to overlook the fact that it's the right music that makes the party. Whether you're the type to request a structured, customized playlist or to give the DJ the freedom, we're all about accomodating you and meeting your expectations... and hopefully, exceeding them! Our record crates are deep and diverse and thanks to modern technology, fielding requests on the fly is not a problem.

Our Referrals & Recommendations

Below are some trusted Colorado vendors we HIGHLY recommend:


Live vocals/acoustic musician:

Biff Gore (official The Voice semi-finalist)

Click here



The Ruffly Rose

Click here



Tom K Photo

Click here


Catering/Event decor:

451 Events

Click here



Riaan Heyns


Live musicians (Piano, guitar, voices):

Tanner & Greer Ohara

Please inquire


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